AI Conference

Fuelling European Innovation with AI

24 November 2023


Livestream Plenum and working group 2 Livestream working group 1


The AI Conference “Fuelling European Innovation with AI” hosted by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport brings together representatives of business, the scientific community and civil society from all over Europe to discuss and explore current developments, challenges and opportunities related to Artificial Intelligence. The conference will focus on Europe as an AI innovation and industrial site with robotics and the interconnection of competitiveness and trustworthiness as key thematic areas. In this context, it will provide a platform to share ideas, knowledge and best practices as well as an opportunity for networking.

The goal of the working groups “How can Germany and Europe successfully maintain the lead in (smart) robotics?” and “AI made in Europe – Trustworthy and competitive at the same time?” is an interactive discussion of these topics. After a brief introduction to the topic by the speakers, the most important key messages will be developed together with all participants attending on site and virtually and then projected onto a screen. Afterwards, all conference participants will come together again in the joint afternoon panel, and the moderators of the working groups will present the key messages to everyone. The compiled key messages will then be published in the form of a one-pager as the outcome of the Conference.